morfblock.[light] 05 performance

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SIZE 5, High-Performance Bearing.

Sheave ø:
Line ø:

2100/4200 Kg
60 mm
10-16 mm
133 grams

High Performance Bearing
  • 35% lower coefficient of friction than HL Bearings.
  • Are able to be spin 2 times faster than HL bearings.
  • Ideal for dynamic applications
  • Bearing ID Colour: Yellow


  NB: Rope and sheave colour may differ from the pictures. Images are not contractual.   
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The MORF Block is a light weight and high efficiency block.

MB Cheeks are manufactured by FFF in UV stable plastic; its standard colour is black but it is custom available in a wide range of colours.

MB Bearings are manufactured in high quality low friction materials.  Its patented technology not only provides a low friction media between the rope and sheave but protects its components from ware. High Load bearings are ideal for highly loaded semi-static applications such as: mast base lead blocks, halyard blocks, runners and highly loaded lines. High Performance bearings are ideal for demanding applications such as sheets and control lines where the blocks are in constant movement.

Sheaves  are precisely CNC machined in 6082-T6 aluminium with a hard anodise finish. Their size range provides a larger overall diameter, large flange, low weight and incredible load characteristics.

Loops are  Dyneema® SK78, SK99 and chafe covers. The result is a low elongation, light weight, low level of water absorption, high resistance to U.V. rays and low abrasion loop.


Working Load

The Morfblock patented Adaptive Geometry Bearing technology improves its efficiency as the working load increases. Optimal performance is guaranteed from 25% of the SWL; we recommend to size your blocks accordingly.

Rope Diameter

Check your line diameter requirements to ensure they meet the block specifications.


High Load Bearing

High Load Bearings are ideal for semi-static applications where blocks are required to resist high loads with low spin.

Performance Bearing

Performance Bearings are ideal for dynamic applications where the blocks are required to spin at high revolutions with low friction.


Lashing Rope

Choose your lashing line according to meet the blocks stated braking load. Remember, knots will reduce the ropes strength!

Running Line

We highly recommend using covers on your running lines.


Structural Loop

Do not remove or modify the supplied structural loop as this may cause malfunction or failure.

Lashing your block

The block must be attached to an anchor point by the use of additional lashing methods.

Anchor Point

Avoid lashing the block to sharp edges anchor points.

Read carefully and follow installation instructions



Clean your blocks with fresh water only.


Inspect your blocks periodically for any sign of wear.


Spare components are available for replacement.

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