powerfurl.[four] kit + Lashing

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Bottom-up furling system.
The sail its securely attached to the furler; when operated the sail will start furling from the bottom upwards.

Materials: Aluminium and Titanium.

Bundle KIT includes Drum and headswivel + 2x powerfurl.[six] 2:1 Lashing


SWL:     4.5  T


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powerfurl. keeps true to the Morfrac promise: simple, light, reliable, serviceable, high-performing hardware.

The Powerfurl standard range covers yachts from 20 foot all the way up to 30 metres.
Seven sizes from 1,500kg SWL to 15,000kg SWL. Bigger sizes, furlers customizations and tailor-made attachments and fittings available on demand.

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